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Snooze or Lose?

I don’t understand why performing under the conditions of lack of sufficient sleep seems to be considered to be something to be admired:  During the college days the bravado of pulling an all-nighter to complete a project or last-minute cram for an exam, in the medical profession with people working hours on end, in the corporate world burning the candles at both end, the list seems to go on and on.  Just moments ago someone was sitting next to me talking about how they are running on 4 hours of sleep.  Wow!

This notion of bravado around lack of sleep seems to be pretty pervasive in our culture.  While I’m no physician, I would imagine that we could agree that common sense tells us that the body is a machine.  It requires the proper care in order to perform.  It requires the utmost care in order to perform highly.  One of the components of care is sleep and rest.  Sleep and rest come up repeatedly in discussions that I have around high performance.  It is part of the physiology discussion, and part of the energy discussion.  If you want high performance, maintaining components of care must be a priority.

One of my clients made a commitment to help improve their sleep.  This week they told me about some of the things they did, how it helped to improve their sleep and ultimately noted a difference in energy levels and how they were performing throughout the day.  Amazing, even small changes work.  Just for fun, check out the Sleep deprivation challenge video below produced by Atena.  Perhaps snooze is the answer.

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