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Action Item: Your Personal Annual Plan, Q1 Review

It’s here.  Next Thursday marks the end of the first quarter of 2016.  Now’s a good time to review and update the personal annual plan you crafted back in late December or early January. If you have been reviewing and updating your plan on a regular basis:  congratulations – keep up the great discipline.  If your plan has gathered some dust over the past few months, dust it off and use the end of the quarter as inspiration to get back on track.  For those that haven’t created a plan, it is never too late to start!

Taking the time to create a personal annual plan ties into Clarity, one of the most important topics of High Performance.  Look no further than the High Performance Coaching Strategy Session Questionnaire for examples.  Questions such as “What are your top 3 goals you are striving to achieve right now” and “Do you feel you are clear about who you are, your purpose, and the direction you want to go in life” illustrate how a personal annual plan could be a great tool to not only develop clarity but also to help take existing levels of clarity you have to even higher levels.