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Productivity Tip: It’s Monday. Do you know your top 3 for your top three?


High performers know they need to start their day strong, stay on track, and get the right things done.  And, they lather, rinse, and repeat this every single day. 

It’s Monday, so let's start the week off right.  Here’s a method to help you increase your productivity.  At the beginning of each day, before jumping into email (the bane of the existence of most, and what amounts to a very nice organization system for others agendas) high performers ask themselves two very simple questions:

  1. What are the top 3 projects I am working on?
  2. What are the top 3 things I need to do to move my focused projects forward?

Try doing this for a week:  take a few minutes before starting your day, before looking at your email, before grabbing your phone and just sit for a moment and think about the above two questions.  Grab a slice of paper and write it down.  Keep it handy, and even perhaps in front of you throughout the day so that every time a distraction arises you can grab it, look at it, and get yourself back on track.  At the end of each day, reflect upon how you did.  Were you productive?  How can you evaluate if you were more productive – ask did you accomplish what you set out to get done.

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What is High Performance?

What exactly is “High Performance”?  Let’s start with the definition:

High Performance:  (adjective) better, faster, more efficient than others.*

The first question that comes to my mind when considering the above definition is: what is meant by “others”?  We can easily expand upon the “others” in the definition above, and define “others” to mean “standard norms”.  Therefore High Performance is something that is better, faster, and more efficient than standard norms.  High performance in and of itself is out of context without an accompanying noun.  Specifically, when I talk about high performance, the context I’m applying it to is living a high performance life; being a high performance person.

I am curious as to what the responses would be if I asked 20 people to identify who they thought was a high performing individual and why they thought so.  Would it be a pro athlete, a top corporate executive, someone who is very skilled and experienced at doing one or more particular tasks or talents? What aspects of one’s day-to-day life would even make sense to evaluate through the lens of high performance?  Simply put:  What does high performance even look like?

Taking a step back, anyone could be a high performing Mother or Father to their children, a high performing executive, a high performing student, and so on as high performance is not exclusive to any particular role.  High performance however is exclusive to showing up differently in a role than most others, or the “norms”.

What does different look like?  Stay tuned for future posts and visit to learn more.